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The history of the CricovaAssociated Wine Factory begins in 1952. There was a shortage of facilities for the storage and ageing of wines at that time in the Republic of Moldova. Following long searches, two outstanding personalities of Moldovan winemaking, Petru Ungureanu and Nicolae Sobolev, suggested to use the galleries resulting from building stone extraction as warehouses for the storage of wine. Before long it turned out that the wines produced at the Cricova Associated Wine Factory and aged in the underground silence possessed exceptional qualities.

Cricova, rightfully referred to as the ‘Pearl of Moldovan Winemaking’, is a unique underground complex that got renowned throughout the world for both its huge labyrinths and its excellent wines.

Cricovais the first Moldovan company, that manufactures sparkling wine by the method of the famous monk Dom Pierre Perignon – Méthode Traditionelle, i.e. secondary fermentation in the glass and subsequent Cuvée ageing. The company’s range of products is outstanding in terms of both quality and diversity. Today, one can state with certainty that one of the most remarkable products offered by the Cricova Associated Wine Factory is the classic sparkling wine – a noble and extravagant sparkling wine.

Furthermore, Cricova manufactures sparkling wines obtained by secondary fermentation in stainless steel reservoirs, and the resulting sparkling wine possesses a full fruity taste and freshness. This method enables the preservation of all qualities of a re-fermented wine.

The Cricova Associated Wine Factory has asserted itself due to its continuous innovation trend. The company applies the world’s most sophisticated technologies in winemaking, possesses the art of manufacturing diverse wines and meets the finest tastes and requirements of the market.

Cricova is the most valuable brand in Moldova, renowned far beyond its borders. It is the first and only company awarded the highest state distinction, the Order of the Republic. By virtue of the Law of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, the Cricova Associated Wine Factory has been declared the National Cultural Heritage.

 In 2003, the Law of the Republic of Moldova declared the complex AO “Plant for the Wine Production Cricova” an object of national cultural heritage of the Republic of Moldova. The intellectual property right for Cricova in Ukraine has been transferred to Ukrimport.

The real production of the plant can be identified by making sure that the label features the mark and logo of Cricova(without attachments and add-ons) and that the product manufacturer is the AO “Plant for the Wine Production Cricova.

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