Maison Camus (France)

Maison Camus (France)

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Maison Camus (France) Maison Camus (France)

The Camus Cognac is invariably associated with the world of French luxury; it is a conventional symbol of elegance and prosperity. He is considered to be the true benchmark in the most famous brands, and the words «Camus La Grand Marque» – «The Great Brand", which has been included in the title of the Cognac House «Camus» from its day one, determined its production philosophy.


The Cognac House «Camus» was founded in 1863 by Jean-Baptiste Camus, who swore allegiance to the cognac’s highest quality. His merit is in the fact that connoisseurs around the world recognize the cognac «Camus» by a unique refined aroma and a unique velvety taste. Jean-Paul Camus said that for the creation of good brandy you need only a little: that your great-grandfather, grandfather and father dedicated their lives thereto.

The distinctive features of the Cognac House «Camus» are the following:
- It is the only major cognac house, which is still a family business;
- It is amongst the five best cognac brands, which account for 4/5 million bottles a year;
- It exports its cognacs in more than 140 countries of the world.
The Cognac House «Camus» four times participated in the London International Wine and Spirits Competition, and it was four times awarded a gold medal as well as it was considered the best cognac in the world in 1999.
The Cognac House «Camus» was the first to use Baccarat crystal decanters for Cognac as well as handmade collection jars in the form of books from Limoges porcelain.
The Cognac House «Camus» has its own cooperage and five automated production lines for bottling.

AWARDS of the cognac house “CAMUS”:
Camus cognacs received medals at Drinks Business Cognac Master Awards and also received the award Grand Cognac Master.
At the contest World Spirits Award, the Cognac House Camus the first place as a “world-class liquor producer” in the cognac category and was awarded four gold and one silver medal.
Camus Extra received the status of “Best cognac in the world” at International Wine and Spirits Contest in France, 1987
Camus Extraordinare received the status of “Best cognac in the world” at International Wine and Spirits Contest in France, 1999
Gold medal – Camus VS Elegance.
Silver medal – Camus VSOP Elegance.
Gold medal and award “best in the category” – Camus XO Elegance.
Gold medal – CAMUS Extra Elegance.
In general, the Cognac House Camus was awarded the “Grand Master” (“Great experts of their business”), which is considered one of the highest standards of trust.


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