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The Romanesti JSC is interesting not only by the secrets of its unsinkability, but also because of its long history, which is relevant to the Emperor House of Romanov.

There are some documents conserved showing that in 1850, the administration of the imperial court brought in Bessarabia French experts, who assessed the area as favorable for planting vineyards.

This zonule was located in a natural landscape bowl retaining a special microclimate. Three years after the visit of the French experts, the first plantations appeared in the emperor’s estate.

In 1878, the wines from Romanesti began to be shipped to the Court. This process continued until 1911, when the estate was donated, then lost at cards. As a result, it was owned by the boyar Cristea, who retained the profile of the winery, and continued to send wine to the tsar’s table until 1914. The estate was only constituted by the agricultural lands and a house with servants. The settlement of Romanesti was formed only later, in 1946. During the Soviet period, the winery was transformed into the eponymous farm-factory.

From the emperor’s estate, the winery building built in 1911 has survived. In its basements, the brandy spirits and wines are being matured, as well as the product collection is kept. Since 1980, the main production is located on a separate plot of 4 hectares. In Soviet times, the trademark "Romanesti" was widely known.

To date, the winery has been reconstructed. New lines for processing grapes were purchased; a new distillationproduction was opened: four Italian columns of continuous operation were installed. Not only the raw wine materials are distilled to the brandy spirit, but also grain and corn are distilled to the rectified spirit.

The tsar’s theme can be traced in the names of the series of brandies that have emerged after 2002, for example, the brand Tsarskiy Standart was patented in 32 countriesunder the Geneva and Madrid Conventions.

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