Valdouro Porto

There is replenishment in the family of our brands!

It’s easier to go through July heat with the brave Portuguese port wines Porto Valdouro! Seems to be full of sea-breeze and sunny hints of grapes ripened on rocky coasts, these Portuguese port wines are perfect partners in cheerful summer adventures.

We have a whole kaleidoscope of port wines. They can be drunk both at the beginning and at the end of the meal. Thus, Tawny is good as an aperitif; Ruby is used as the base for cocktails; and both are good as they are with the desserts. Port wine’s history is connected with the ocean and is steeped with the legends about corsair and warm south blood.

Get more information about each one and find your distinctive taste of adventures in our assortment.

Spring with J.P.Chenet

Spring with J.P.Chenet

In these bright and sunny spring days J.P. Chenet brand presents amended series of medium-sweet wines. Pure and bright tones of wines are perfectly balanced and combine the best hints of freshness, fruit notes and desserts tastes. 

Medium Sweet Blanc is full of elegant aromas of tropic fruits and flowers, Medium Sweet Rose has rough notes of red berries and Medium Sweet Rouge combines spices and currant.  

J.P.Chenet – French wine brand №1 in the world – is a new pearl in the exclusive collection of elite brands of Ukrimport.

None of the most exquisite French wines can boast of such a bright history of creation as J.P.Chenet. It’s been more than 400 years since birth of Jean Paul Chenet – the legendary man, who has made an invaluable contribution to the French winemaking. His wines, and his life itself, are glorified by romantic French legends of Renaissance.

His desire for a perfect taste and his endless love for the grapes and wine have given the world French wine brand №1 – J.P.Chenet.

In the name of the King

The wine talent of Jean Paul Chenet flourished during the reign of the magnificent Louis XIV. The character of his wines is therefore consonant to the exquisiteness and romance of the Sun King epoch. Even the famous shape of J.P.Chenet bottle with its slightly curved bottleneck is connected with Louis XIV and the outstanding wit of Jean Paul Chenet. The legend says that once Louis XIV was served his favorite wine by Jean Paul Chenet for dinner. The wine was perfect, but the king was disappointed with the curved bottle, and he immediately gave an order to bring the winemaker to the Louvre.

His indignation at the bottle’s imperfection had no limit; but the winemaker has turned the imperfection into advantage:

- The bottle is not curved, it is upright; but it bows before the magnificence of your Majesty! - the witty winemaker said.

- Yes, indeed, it reminds me of the bows of my charming ladies-in-waiting. – said the Sun King and rewarded the winemaker.

Since then all J.P.Chenet wines are poured into bottles with slightly curved bottleneck.

These days J.P.Chenet is not only a prestigious wine brand – it is a symbol of elegance, preciosity of the French culture; a symbol of the exalted spirituality of Louis XIV court that delighted France and the whole world.

Sparkling wine inspired by the magic of love

The sparkling J.P.Chenet wine has its own legend. It is connected with the name of the most brilliant mistress of the Sun King. The legend says that Jean Paul Chenet developed the recipe of this wine by the request of Louis XIV for the beautiful Francoise Athenais de Montespan. For this reason the winemaker went to Champagne, where monk Perignon has just made the white wine sparkle.

The first part of sparkling wine “J.P.Chenet” was sent to the mistress with a note: “To Marquise with Love. The Sun King”. These wines have never been on sale. Their taste was known only by the Sun King and his Marquise de Mantespan. By the end of 1687 when the love affair between Louis XIV and Marquise de Mantespan vanished, the production of the sparkling J.P.Chenet was ceased. The disappointed king imposed a three centuries ban on its production saying “May three centuries veil the grief of this love, leaving behind only its sweetness…” And only after the Sun King’s ban ran out, the old recipe of sparkling wine was revived.

Brand №1 is in good hands!

Nowadays J.P.Chenet is the best-selling French wine, brand №1 in the world. The wines of TM JP CHENET are being sold in more than 160 countries. And not without a reason the distribution of the legendary brand in Ukraine is carried out by the most successful Ukrainian wine import company – Ukrimport. According to the results of 2013 Ukrimport has become the biggest supplier of import wines in the country, having occupied 11,20% of the market in natural terms.

In November 2013 Les Grands Chais de France has provided Ukrimport with exclusive rights for distribution of TM JP CHENET on the Ukrainian market.

The assortment introduced by Ukrimport on the Ukrainian market comprises wines from regions Languedoc and Gascony. These are the still wines -  Colombard Chardonnay, Colombard Sauvignon, Cabernet Syrah, Merlot, Shiraz, and the semi sweet wines loved by all – white, pink and red.

And of course the assortment includes French sparkling wine, the hero of every happy occasion, - White Brut, Rose Brut and semi dry White.

TM JP CHENET offers all semitones of flavor, represents the permanence of style and guarantees the true European quality.